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Mrs Armitage presents...

Mrs Armitage is an old friend of Quentin Blake, illustrator and writer extraordinaire. He has even written books about her and her acquaintances. So proud is she of this fact, that she has written songs inspired by six of his books, and undertaken a nationwide tour, performing for all those who love his work. Her regular pianist however is not always reliable. Fortunately there is Mr Dewitt...

A show for children from 3 to 103, inspired by Quentin Blake’s visit to Angers where he has created images for the new maternity wing of the city hospital.

Armeline Fouchedrue & son pianiste, M.Dewitt


How about the animals, what do they have to say?

A musical eco-tale for the 3 to 8-year-olds.

“When nighttime comes, Julie’s dreams turn into an initiatory journey where her travel mates are animals seeking a different life. The voyage starts with them boarding the train from N’importe-où to Quelque-Part to help Mr Frog refill his dried-up bog with fresh water and mud...”

Two’s Company & Denis Tarsiguel (drums and guitar)


Press cutting from the Courrier de l’Ouest (in French): Article


A Pleine Bouillée…

A convivial mélange of story-telling and traditional songs from the Anjou region, À Pleine Bouillée promotes local heritage and folklore with an original approach.

Two’s Company & Au Fil du Conte.

Au fil du conte - Quatuor



Nestling in a minute izba, winter blazing outside, surrounded by matryoshka dolls, Colombe Lecat-Warda tells her warming Russian tales and serenades with Slavic tunes. Infusing lyricism and humour, she enchants and invites the spectator to reflect upon difference and self-esteem.

Tony Baker & Colombe Lecat–Warda

Zoia, avec Colombe Lecat-Warda


Rake and Eden out

D'un Jardin à l'autre - Rake & Eden out

A colourful dramatisation of Jacques Vallin’s horticultural poetry.

“A musical meditation on the life and vivacity of gardens, stretching from the diminutiveness of insects to the frailness of men, trailing in its wake wit and somberness, leading the onlooker along tracks of instructiveness, past patches of drollery, and on to spinneys of satisfaction...”

Two’s Company & Anne Eyer (actress and director).

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