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Two’s Company is associated with several musical ensembles, including:

Two’s Company with Denis Tarsiguel (drums)

Songs with both jazz and popular influences, in French, English and Spanish, to accompany events such as weddings, parties or dinners in all sorts of places.

Two's & Co.

Excerpts from Téléthon gig, France, Dec 2012


Sean O'Flaherty's Ringpull

Sean O’Flaherty’s Ringpull

Two's Company with Olivier Rimiac (accordion) and Bachir Rouimi (percussion) in a repertoire of music with Celtic roots that ranges from ballads to dance. Shaped by the different traditions of the performers – Moroccan, French and British – the music embraces as readily both re-imagined reels and real improvisations.



Formed in 2004, Three is a jazz trio that performs both its own compositions and standards.

with Eric Onillon (double-bass), Denis Tarsiguel (drums), Tony Baker (piano).

Plenitude, Three



Jauvain-Baker Duo

Jauvain - Baker Duo

Tony Baker and Francis Jauvain (accordina/baritone saxophone) in a duo formed in 2007 that plays music, often of their own composition, inspired by Erik Satie, musette and contemporary approaches.

Janette, Jauvain-Baker Duo


Not Five

A quartet whose personnel varies but which performs almost never as a quintet, in a style that takes its inspiration from the Hot Club of Paris and the 'gypsy swing' of Rheinhardt and Grapelli and incorporating influences from East European music.

with Robert Mockel (violin), Olivier Rimiac (accordion), Hervé Rolland (guitar), Tony Baker (piano)

Not Five Montage
Not Five Quartet




Ayafrukh, Agriss

“Agriss - frost in Kabyle - stands for any unlikely combination, in this instance an Algerian, a Moroccan, a Cameroonian, a Frenchman and a Brit who play Kabyle music to which, if you're not listening you must be dancing.”

Bachir Rouimi (percussion), Dominique Garnier (drums), Samir Aggad (voice and guitar), Guy Totol (bass) & Tony Baker (piano).


Two's Company also accompanies a number of singers and performers, notably ...

  Paul Meslet ... Vincent Loiseau (Kwal) ... Swing Sofa ... Michel Saulnier ... Robert Mockel ... Hélène Maurice ...

 Kwal   Robert Mockel Hélène Maurice