Two's Company also works in various contexts in which music used imaginatively or educationally has broad social aims. These include collaborations with Angers-Nantes Opera, the CCAS in Angers - for whom Two's Company has often worked, performing in residential homes and creating events for the Mix Ages festival that aims to build links across the generations - and work in such places as crèches and nurseries. In particular, Two's Company has maintained a collaboration over 25 years with Salamanda Tandem, a collective of artists based in Nottingham, UK under the supervision of Isabel Jones, which works creatively with those whose presence tends to be marginal in society - notably people with disabilities of various kinds, but also prisoners and the elderly. Through long-term projects, residencies and specially devised interventions, Salamanda Tandem seeks to explore all sorts of expressive medium to produce art-works with disadvantaged people whose authenticity can't be underestimated or sentimentalised.


Osmosis 1  Osmosis 2  Osmosis 3

Visual poem devised with adults with learning difficulties during a week-long collaboration with Architects of Air, Tamworth, 2006.